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The Money Shot



A tale of love, betrayal, and the pursuit of happiness in the glare of the public eye.

An award-winning talk show host famous for saving marriages puts her own under the spotlight. What she finds in the harsh glare will change everything. 

Dr. Rebecca Matthews is the queen of daytime talk. Her fairy-tale marriage, nine Emmys, and twelve years as the top-ranked show prove there’s nobody better at fixing a broken relationship. But when her ratings slip and her biggest sponsor bolts, the network pressures Becca to spice things up. The suits want their money shot. Making matters worse, Becca uncovers a troubling secret about her husband, Ryan, thrusting her into a crisis that threatens not just her marriage, but her show and career.

Never one to shy away from adversity, Becca decides to make her boss happy and repair her marriage on her hit show. As she navigates this uncharted territory, more devastating discoveries come to light, testing her resolve and forcing her to question everything she believes in. Desperate for time and space to recover, Becca retreats to the one place she finds sanctuary: Her beach house. There, she makes a series of discoveries and decisions that will alter the rest of her life.

In this story of redemption and the relentless pursuit of happiness, Becca must learn who she is and what she wants and whether the money shot is worth the cost.

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