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Private Protectors

Private Protectors

You can guard your heart, but there’s no protection from true love…

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Alpha men with all the right moves—in and out of the field—the crew at Taylor Security knows how to get the job done. In this group of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and other special operatives, testosterone runs high. And so does their willingness to bend the rules. They’re not afraid of a little risk…except when it comes to their hearts.

Risking Trust

Michael Taylor is cooler than ice under pressure. As CEO of a private security company, his job means protecting those at risk. Clients pay top dollar for his team of special operatives to deal with threats. But now Michael’s the one in trouble—he’s the prime suspect in his ex-wife’s murder. To prove his innocence, Michael needs not just a few good men, but one smart woman. If she agrees to forgive him…

Twelve years ago, Michael walked away from Roxann Thorgesson and never looked back. Now he’s standing in her office, accused of a heinous crime, the vulnerability in his eyes barely masking something else. Desire. The shock—and her body’s own traitorous response—shakes Roxann to the core. Still, she can’t let lust cloud her professional judgment, no matter how tempting.

Michael needs her…or, rather, her newspaper to clear his name. Roxann wants to refuse, but journalistic instinct tells her there’s more to this case. Sex. Secrets. A dark and dirty cover-up leading all the way to city hall. And as the investigation brings Michael and Roxann closer together, revealing the truth threatens to rip them apart.

Man Law

Security consultant Vic Andrews fears nothing. Except emotional entanglements. He lives on the edge and by his own rules. Never mess with your best friend’s sister, for one. Especially when that sister is sweet and sexy goddess Gina Delgado. Vic is strictly a “no strings attached” kind of guy, and a young widow with three kids is guaranteed to tie his heart in all sorts of knots. Too bad other parts of his anatomy aren’t as easily deterred.

Gina is no stranger to men like Vic. Men in love with their dangerous professions. Her firefighter husband may have been a hero, but his bravery is little comfort to Gina now. She refuses to face that kind of loss ever again. Still, a girl has needs. And Vic, with his military-hardened body and tender touch, is just the thing she needs to fulfill them. As long as they can keep things casual.

But getting involved with Vic puts Gina at the risk of more than heartbreak. When Vic becomes the target of a terrorist seeking revenge, no one around him is safe. With Gina and her family in a madman’s sights, Vic will break all the rules to keep her close…and keep them all alive.

Negotiating Point

Gavin Sheppard can talk his way out of any situation. It’s what makes him Taylor Security’s top hostage negotiator. But he’s never had a case this complicated, or with so much at stake. The victim? His boss’s pregnant wife. The CEO won’t risk his family by calling the cops, so Gavin’s on his own. He’ll take all the help he can get, even from the agency’s smart, sexy tech expert.

Janet Fink codes and hacks better than the big boys. Still, as the lone woman on a team driven by testosterone, she knows nothing ruins careers faster than getting personal. And she’s already been too close to Gavin for comfort. Their last team-up ended in a mind-blowing kiss.  One that can never happen again…and that she can’t forget.

As the kidnappers’ demands grow, so does the heat between Gavin and Janet. They must put their skills to the test—and push aside their feelings—for a chance at success in a dangerous rescue.

A Just Deception

Former Navy SEAL Peter Jessup is no hero. Too many friends, his brothers-in-arms, have died on the job, and Peter couldn’t save them. When the emotional fallout interferes with his work, his boss sends him away for company-mandated R&R. Peter knows it’s not a vacation, it’s an order: Go home. Bang a hot girl. Get your head straight. Two of those things should be easy. Until the hot girl becomes his next assignment…

Isabelle DeRosa is no damsel in distress. A criminal attorney and Krav Maga expert, she can bring a man to his knees with a glare—or a well-placed kick. It’s Isabelle’s crippling fear of her cousin that sets off warning bells for Peter. When Kendrick is murdered, Isabelle becomes the police’s prime suspect. She turns to Peter for help, but finds more than comfort in his arms. Isabelle sparks his protective instincts and fuels his every fantasy.

But she’s not the only one with secrets. Their investigation into Kendrick’s killer leads them to a cult-like compound and into dangerous territory.  And despite Isabelle’s efforts to push him away, Peter will fight to keep her safe…and make her his.

Relentless Pursuit

For former Army Ranger Billy Tripp, high-stakes international ops are just another day at the office. So why is his boss at Taylor Security busting his balls with a rinky-dink assignment? One dumb mistake and—bam—Billy’s playing rent-a-cop at a Miami hot spot while providing security detail for some fancy necklace. Piece. Of. Cake. Except the job comes with one major distraction: the killer curves of the woman in charge.

Hotel heiress Kristen Dante thrives on work and has little time for play. Or men like Billy—sexy, impulsive, and too charming for his own good. Kristen may be a boss in the boardroom, but her confidence in the bedroom is no match for Billy’s swagger. This guy is a heartbreak waiting to happen. Better to let him finish his job and be on his way.

Too bad Billy never backs down from a challenge. Beneath Kristen’s insecurities, he sees a spark of desire even she can’t deny. And her heart isn’t the only thing in danger. When half a million dollars’ worth of cars are stolen from the hotel, Kristen needs Billy’s skills to catch a thief. But the investigation reveals a threat far more sinister than car theft…and that threat could cost them both their lives.

Opposing Forces

She’s the one temptation he didn’t plan for.

Jack Lynx has a strategy for just about everything, a talent that makes him well-suited to his V.P. job at Taylor Security. It’s also why he’s waiting at least one year after kicking his post-surgery painkiller habit to even look at a woman.

Unfortunately, fellow yoga enthusiast Jillian Murdoch needs him to install a security system at her home, and that’s a problem because he wants to look at her. He wants to do much more than that. Lynx’s cravings for Jillian don’t simply jeopardize his priorities—they threaten to become his worst addiction yet. 

He’s the risk she’s willing to take.

Jillian is on the fast-track to her dream career in upper management at her pharmaceutical company… until a late-night office trip reveals a suspicious delivery with no paperwork. After a break-in at her home, she approaches the first person she thinks can help—Jack Lynx, the guy with a killer smile from yoga class who also happens to specialize in protection.

Soon, she’s in a situation she swore she’d never repeat: fighting her burning attraction to trouble—and losing. But Jillian needs to trust Jack more than ever. Thanks to discovering that one stray shipment, it isn’t just her career that’s in danger anymore…